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Block paving driveway work in Ingatestone!

I am very thrilled to share this Block paving Driveway!

I was very excited about this particular driveway as the customer had some great ideas that were executed to a very high standard.

The Customer was very set from the start about having a Brindle driveway which can come in various shades and a blend of colors such as red and charcoal, which leaves a very nice color to finish.This is a very popular but good choice which I believe to be very appealing. They also wanted a circular feature in the middle of the driveway which at first they were unsure whether to have it subtly in the same color or in a separate color to make the feature more obvious. I suggested the separate color as it would highlight the feature and make it more eye catching to others. Another feature they wanted was a curved finish on one side to fit around some laid grass that we were happy to help with, as we have good experience in laying turf.

Block Paving Driveways are one of my favorite to do as I think it adds a real touch to the house and are very reliable and only have to be washed one a year to keep it looking fresh all year round.

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