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Garden lawn and patio With added features in Danbury!

I am delighted to share one of our bigger projects that i am very proud of with a very satisfied customer.

This particular project took about 3 and a half weeks to complete. It is one of my favored projects as it took a long time but was worth it in the end in order to get a great result paired with a happy customer.

The Project started with the patio at the beginning of the garden. The customer liked the idea of having an Indian sandstone patio which is one of our most requested paving materials and is very affordable and good wearing. Their chosen color was Rippon Rose Sandstone which is a very unique but stylish material. They then asked for a cobblestone path that curved in and out straight down the middle of the grass that lead to their summer house. I then suggested for it to be finished with some beautiful artificial grass. The customer also requested flower beds to go around the outside of the garden and in front of their summer house that we were more than happy to do at a impeccable standard. I feel like this added a really nice touch to the whole project with quality and perfection and was a great feeling to have a thrilled customer at the end of it.

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