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Indian sandstone patio In Great Dunmow!

I am very proud to announce this exciting Indian sandstone patio

I was welcomed by a lovely Lady in Great Dunmow. I was thrilled to hear some of the ideas that the customer had and the outstanding potential that this construction project could have.

The customer liked the idea of a beautiful Indian sandstone patio, which I think is a wonderful choice because of its appealing looks,extraordinary durability and strength.

It is also one of the most popular choices of paving because of its amazing attributes.

Indian Sandstone paving has been one of my personal favorites as there isn't much maintenance needed after it has been laid, all that is needed is a good wash one or twice a year to keep it looking clean and fresh for years.Indian sandstone is one of the most reliable paving materials out there.

The patio was laid on two levels which left a unique and contrasting effect for the two separate areas the customer desired.We also added sleepers around the outside of the patio with light colored stones in between the Indian sandstone and the sleepers which gave the final finish a extraordinary look.

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